Blogapalooza 2013 here I come!!!!

Blogapalooza Manila Business to Blogger Networking Event Philippines WhenInManila (9)

Done with my early morning routine and thought that this would be just another fine day for me…

but guess what?

I received an email inviting me to attend the BIGGEST BLOGGER EVENT OF THE YEAR!

Wooooooooooooooooooooooot! Woooooooooot! (Im sorry, just got carried away! So excited for this!)

I’ve read several blogs regarding the event last year and it was a blast! Im not yet a blogger back then (self-proclaimed blogger? well at least I like to share my experiences online and I guess that makes me a certfied blogger now! lol) so I can’t help but just get envious of those who participated in the event.

But this year…its a different story!

Blogapalooza Blogger Event

Blogapalooza is a community of bloggers linked to small and big businesses. Its a symbiotic relation for both parties since the bloggers would have a first-hand experience of the products and services that these companies offer and in return the bloggers would publish a blog in their respective sites about how they felt about these products and services.

Vince Golangco of, Francis Simisim of and Anton Diaz of are the geniuses behind this cool event!

Blogapalooza Blogger Event

I know you guys are getting envious now, but the good thing is- there’s still time for you to join this awesome event.

If you are a blogger and wanted to apply, click here.

If you’re a business owner wanting to make the most out of this marketing event, click here.

Blogapalooza Blogger Event

I know this would be a blast just like last year. So hope to see you guys there!

Happy wandering!


2 thoughts on “Blogapalooza 2013 here I come!!!!

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