Circus Vargas- Coming to Manila!


I’m a big fan of magic when I was a kid.

I remember, I used to go to “peryahan” whenever there’s one near our house.

Every season, I always look forward to mermaids swimming in narrow transparent tanks, headless man (“taong pugot ang ulo”), crab man/ frog man/ whatever-animal-man (hehe dunno what else are there in other peryas), and almost everything about peryas.

Circus and “peryahan” may be different in more ways than one but the bottomline is, these two makes my imagination go wild!

As I grow up, I realized magic is just what it is- a magic..illusion..unreal.

Just like everyone who grows old, we tend to lose that childhood belief that magic is true and real.

But this Christmas, we’ll have another chance to believe in and be amazed by magic!

Circus Vargas presents “Magikaria“, A Fantastical Magical Experience!

Yes! This american circus which is considered to be one of the world’s biggest travelling circuses will be celebrating Christmas with us here in Manila!

Catch one of their shows at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City. See their poster for show schedules and ticket prices:


You can also book your tickets at SM tickets website.


I’m excited to see the show. Hope to see you there. Happy wandering!

*Images came from Circus Vargas Facebook page

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