Insights on Cafe Scientifique: Why Should Pinoys bother with Science?


It’s been a bit overdue, but finally I would be able to post and share to you guys my insight on Cafe Scientifique’s “Why Pinoys should bother about science?”

This forum is actually part of Andres Bonifacio’s 150th Anniversary celebration. If you were in Bonifacio Global City last November 30, for sure you have noticed different events going on within the area or you probably even have attended one of the events. There are fun runs, cosmo’s hug a hunk, last day of Da Vinci exhibit, and many more.

Cafe Scientifique is one of the highlighted events (at least for the Mind Museum visitors) during that day. It’s a worldwide movement that started in Europe about 10 years ago but only recently here in the Philippines (before the mind museum was built). It’s not actually a presentation but an open discussion (audience participation is encouraged) about different scientific events/ issues. This time, the forum focused on supertyphoon Yolanda and it’s aftermath.

Photo 11-30-13, 3 56 47 PM

The forum was spearheaded by Ms. Maria Isabel Garcia (The Mind Museum Curator), Dr. Gemma Narisma (Manila Observatory), Dr. Gerry Bagtasa (UP College of Science of Meteorology), Dr. Mahar Lagmay (PAGASA), and Dr. Renato Solidum (Phivolcs).

Topics like storm surge (and it’s difference from tsunami), project NOAH, ring of fire, climate patterns, filipino literacy in terms of science, “supertyphoon”, “disaster imagination” and many more came out and were discussed during the discussion. But what I personally learned and could share to you guys are these:

1. We need to have a deeper understanding about physical geography and hazzards and We should nurture the scientific culture among the children (who are the future of our generation).
2. Filipinos are very superstitious but are very open/ receptive about science or scientific explanations.
3. Creation of typhoons by means of microwave pulses is a total baloney!
4. Urban areas have greater advantage in terms of communication and dissemination of information.
5. Scenarios, statistics and scientific evidences can be used to address “disaster imagination” issues and not just by relying on personal experiences (because there are people who think that because it didn’t happen before, it will not happen now or in the future).
6.”We should learn from the mistakes of others.”- Dr. Solidum
7. There are lots of variables that affect the weather specially here in the country because of our location (near the equator) that’s why its hard to predict the weather.
8. There’s a big probability that the typhoons of the future are strong/er. The trend now is like every year there’s a strong typhoon/s that hit/s the country and this might or might not be caused by climate change.
9. Since we have a bigger population now, tendency is that casualties are bigger/ higher than the previous years.
10. In terms of catastrophic events, there should be a multi-sectoral effort to prevent large scale devastations. People could not be blamed or even the government. We all have a responsibility in times like this. Multi-sectoral effort includes the very core of the community which is the person or the family, the barangay or the local government and the national government. Location safety, building/ infrastracture integrity, community preparedness, scientists’ prediction, information dissemination- all of this should also be considered to address our problem with this kind of issue.

Photo 11-30-13, 4 16 21 PM

Now that we know that these type of supertyphoons and superearthquakes could happen again, what do you think you should do to help not just yourself but other people in terms of disaster-preparedness?

The world has changed and continues to change. Just what like Dr. Gemma have said, now is the perfect time and opportunity for us to learn, understand and prepare for the future.

You can also view The Mind Museum’s Cafe Scientifique: Why should Pinoys bother with science? on youtube:


Thank you The Mind Museum and guest scientists for this very informative discussion!

Til the next cafe scientifique!

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