Santo Nino De Paz Chapel, Greenbelt: Sacred oasis within the buzzling concrete jungle of Makati

Photo 1-26-14, 12 12 53 PM

This one chapel that is really close to my heart. Since this is the most accesible to me and it’s just 1 jeepney ride away from where I live, this chapel also became my comfort zone during the times that I really need His divine comfort and guidance.

Just last week, I received an early phone call from my aunt that my Lolo (grandfather) is not feeling well and need to be hospitalized. By lunch time, I received another phone call and it saddened me to hear that my lolo wasn’t able to make it. I remember, in between those calls, I’ve visited this chapel and asked that His will be done. And I respect what happened and somehow accepted it already. My Lolo was blessed with 90 memorable years and I guess it’s time for him to be totally happy- away from physical and emotional pains.

I love and miss you lolo…

And this inspired me to write something about Sto. Nino de Paz Chapel.
Photo 2-21-14, 11 46 28 AM

This chapel never fail to make me feel blessed with all the things that I have and all the things that I’ve experienced. Even if it’s surrounded by a busy shopping mall (Greenbelt), the solemnity of this place is incomparable. One may even realize, being here is like being in paradise.

You’d seldom see a church (specially within metro manila) that is surrounded by greens, ponds with lots of koi and turtles, ducks and cats that freely roam around- and all these make this sacred place special and one-of-a-kind.

Photo 2-21-14, 11 42 01 AM

But what’s more important is that I enjoy listening to the homily everytime I go to mass. Maybe because aside from the fact that the place is really solemn which greatly helps as you ponder on God’s words, the clarity and sincerity of the priest’s voice makes one realize that you are blessed more than you know.

For mass schedule, you can check the photo below or visit Sto. Nino De Paz Chapel Website.

Photo 2-2-14, 11 07 55 AM

Thanks and happy wandering everyone!

Photo 12-18-13, 3 55 18 PM

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