WD My Cloud Binondo Photo Walk and Food Tour


Last Saturday, I was invited to join a photo walk and food tour in Binondo. This event was sponsored by WD as they are promoting their newest product the WD My Cloud where you can store pictures, documents, and any other files and have access to it by using any of your gadgets (laptop, desktop, ipad and mobile).


The main goal of the activity was to have a first-hand experience of the My Cloud app (you can download yours at the App store or Google play for free) by storing our five best pictures either of food, restaurants, people or anything for as long as it was taken during the entire span of the activity. The winner will be chosen at the end of the tour and will be bringing home a 4TB WD My Cloud. Everybody was excited as we are not expecting that there’s such a challenge and a PRIZE! I personally thought that this will just be a tour with lots of food and picture taking lol.


First stop- Cafe Mezzanine. This became our meeting place where Mr. Rolly Magpayo also held a short Travel Photography lecture. We filipinos love taking pictures, dont we? So listening to Sir Rolly was already a big prize for us bloggers and photo enthusiasts. I’ve learned that whenever you travel and take photos, start from the bigger picture down to the details. Another important lesson is don’t hesitate to take pictures. You wouldn’t know if it’s a good or bad photo so just keep your cameras busy. It’s better to hoard pictures than regret not being able to capture any, besides there is the WD My Cloud to help you with the hoarding.




Then we went to Estero Fastfood. This was my first time to visit the place but I have read blogs about Estero so I already have an idea on what type of food we will be tasting here- FROGS! And i’m telling you its not appetizing to see skinned frogs but it definitely tastes good. Just like chicken, or even better.




Alaine Eatery is next on the itinerary. I must say that so far, this one served authentic chinese cuisine. Im not a big fan of chinese food but the black chicken soup was so good. They said that the soup has medicinal properties but it should be taken with caution for girls who are having their period.



I was also surprised with the canned herbal tea. We are all familiar with C2 and all bottled teas, but this one I haven’t seen in the market yet. It tastes sweet and somewhat refreshing. Aside from the black chicken soup and herbal tea, the bamboo oyster or clam (i forgot its name) also stood out.



Carvajal street was also part of the itinerary. We didn’t eat here though, we just dropped by and walked its length just to take pictures and enjoy the shops and restos that line the street.


The tour ends at Ying Ying Tea House where we were served with dumplings! (enough of the exotic chinese food hehe) If you’re a sucker of dumplings then you must visit this place whenever you’re in Manila.



It was also here at Ying Ying that the winner of the photo contest was announced. Unfortunately, I didn’t win but being part of this tour already made me a winner.

I don’t know if I’m in the right position to rate WD My Cloud as an app or as a product (coz’ I’m not even a techy person). Aside from My Cloud, Dropbox is the only storage I use for my files. But comparing My Cloud to Dropbox, I’ve noticed that it’s easier to upload photos and files but Im not really sure if its just because of good internet connection. Also My Cloud can be connected to Dropbox (and other storage software if that’s how you call them) so you dont need to worry about syncing your files. Again, Im not sure if its possible with Dropbox. Im sorry for not being able to give a thorough feedback about the app but one thing’s for sure, My Cloud has made my Binondo Photo Walk and Food Tour a great, hassle-free and incomparable experience.



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