GrabCar, Changing the Way We Commute

When I was still working in a premier real estate company, I remember we used to have events and gatherings in hotels or decent venues that would make me buy my pair of suits and look the best possible. Knowing there would be premier clients, the least that I wanted to happen is to be dropped by a taxi in front of the venue where everyone will see me. In tagalog, “ang dyahe diba?” lol. Of course, aside from selling the projects that we have, I am also selling myself (I mean the brand, not the one that you’re thinking of lol) So the best solution is to be dropped by a taxi meters away and walk towards the venue as if I have just parked my car.

Sounds familiar? I’m pretty sure most of us have experienced the same.

Most filipinos don’t have a car. Let’s admit that. And since it’s not really a priority unless of course if you have the money, then taxis are better alternatives than taking the jeepneys, buses or trains. But in certain situations (just like my experience) even taxis aren’t really good alternatives.

For some, even if they have their own car, the idea of being stucked in traffic, parking their car, paying for gas, toll fees, parking fee and car maintenance, are all just hassle and not really as comfortable or convenient as we (people who don’t have cars) thought it was.


So the board of directors of GrabTaxi (Anthony Tan, Natasha Bautista, Brian Cu, and Jesse Maxwell) thought of a solution for this simple-yet-stressing-us-out-situation. And this was officially launched last week (May 21, 2014) at the Vyne in Bonifacio Global City.



Hosted by Mikey Bustos and Sam O. and a short entertainment by Mr. Alex Calleja, the event was definitely a success. I am honored to be invited together with some newspaper and magazine writers or contributors and as well as other social media influencers.


Now, aside from convenience, certainty and safety – since you’ll have your own chauffeur – the biggest catch is in terms of affordability. Ms. Natasha showed us a sample slide comparing the use of a private vehicle/ your own car to Grabcar. Given the example, a passenger goes to Makati from Quezon city and back, one can save as much as Php600!

How did that happen? Simple! (If we’ll go into the detailed computation actually it isn’t really simple lol) Just think of deducting car maintenance, toll fees, parking fees, gas, etc. And add the convenience, certainty and safety I’ve mentioned earlier, then it’s definitely a RIDE MADE AWESOME.


I’m sure you guys are already excited to try Grabcar but hold it! Lol If you haven’t downloaded the GrabTaxi App yet, then that’s the very first thing that you should do.


Once you’ve opened the app, it will automatically detect your location (just make sure your GPS is turned on) and will detect the number of Grabcars in your area/ nearby. Select your destination and make sure you have selected the Grabcar option (see image above; Grabcar icon is encircled).

Provide additional information, like the color of the shirt you are wearing, that will help the driver locate you easily and be generous enough- add a tip! A driver will then be assigned to you after a minute.

As an added safety feature of Grabcar’s services, you can SMS, email or share a link to a friend or any family member so they can track your ride real-time!

So the next time you found yourself in the same situation that I had or if you just simply wanted to brag to your friends on your next get-together, make sure you seek GrabCar’s services. Who know’s, you might be lucky enough to be picked up by a Mini Cooper! (When that happens make sure to ask your chauffeur (sosyal! lol) to drop you in front of many people, make a dramatic entrance and see their faces turn WHOOOAH!- and remember you’ve paid for that too! haha)

Thanks for reading!

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