Game Face on at The Archery Academy

When I was in high school, I was always fascinated with the way College of St. Benilde cheerleaders incorporate the “archer-like-dance-step” (placing-the-arrow-in-the-bow-and-pull) in their routines. I always imagine myself doing the same thing (not the dance though but holding a real bow and arrow). Somehow it became a dream and later on became part of my bucket list. Katniss’ and Legolas’ characters were not even popular or were not even created yet- so to put it simply, Archery at that time was not a sport du jour (at least in the Philippines since most filipinos are into basketball and boxing).

But now, it’s slowly becoming a craze. So I’ve done some research and later on learned about The Archery Academy in San Juan- a “school” that teaches the sport.

Coach Gio, who practices the sport since he was eight and have been competing and teaching the sport for the last 2 years, will be the one to guide and teach you at least the basics. But for those who are more eager to learn, you can always throw a question and ask whatever it is that you think can help you to master this new sport of yours (lol).

Most people (that included me) think that you need to have a strong upper body, but Coach Gio told me that your core muscles and lower body is as important as your upper body to perform the sport. In fact posture is also important. But don’t be too conscious if you think you don’t have strong muscles lol- just have fun!

Learning archery (or anything new) is like a child wanting to walk concentrating first on how to stand, to take the first step and later on how to run. In archery, you’ll be focused first on how to hold the bow and releasing the arrow. The very first feeling of pulling the arrow, stretching the bowstring and feeling the resistance of the bow was intense! It’s unexplainable and addicting. You’ll find yourself doing it over and over. Next thing you know- you’re being competitive wanting to hit the perfect score of 10!

To complete the experience, imagine someone you hate or anything that causes you stress on the target! Joke! But honestly, it really is a very good stress reliever and a breather from your usual weekly routine.

Thank you The Archery Academy specially To Coach Gio and Rica for being so accommodating and waking up really early since we booked the earliest sched. We really had a great time. And also to my very good friend!

You can also check my Youtube post for a short video clip of my experience:

To get to know more about The Archery Academy and their class schedules you can visit their:
Facebook page: /TheArcheryAcademy
Twitter: @ArcheryMNL
Instagram: @TheArcheryAcademy
or Call: 09178037422

Thanks wanderers!

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