Red Letter Day: Blogapalooza 2014!!!!

Last Saturday, October 11, became a red letter day for most bloggers and businesses as and held Blogapalooza 2014 at SM Aura in Taguig City. The highly anticipated event of the year was attended by more than 700 bloggers and a lot of both budding and well-known businesses in the metro.


Due to work, I’ve barely stayed for like two hours (and that wasn’t enough!). Since I am sure to regret if I let this pass, I still went to the event and just made the most out of my time. With my friend misshappywanderer, I really had a blast!

We’ve managed to get to know some of the brands, what they offer (products and/or services) and try the different games they have in store for every blogger. I personally love Dr. Kong’s, where I was assessed by one of the staff in terms of my foot’s structure and all. I used to suffer from pain specially after walking or just even when standing for a long period of time. As a budgetedwanderer, I value my feet as much as I value my life because without those I won’t be able to wander right…lol. I was told that a cushion could help lessen the pressure on the part of my feet that receive much of my body weight and pressure when walking or running. Soon I’ll buy that silicone product of theirs. For the mean time, told my feet to hold on! lol…

Zomato, An app that is most helpful for every foodie would also be helpful for every wanderer who loves to eat! With every detail in just one app, it’ll be easier to choose where to eat and what to eat.

Feeling tired after a trek or just stressed out after a week of office work? Why not head to Blue Water Day Spa to get a doze of relaxation. One of the exhibitors told me that they’re currently offering promos on their services. My fault- wasn’t able to ask until when will they give discounts. But sure you’ll get your money’s worth with or without discounts. Promos sure matter but for as long as you get quality, clean and efficient service then discounts would only be a big bonus to the package.

As a budgetedwanderer, it is also necessary to secure ourselves. That is where Maxicare comes in. An HMO that has been in the business for years, you’re sure to get the best laboratory and medical intervention when the need (knock on wood) arises.

Cameras are definitely a must have for every wanderer. Both amateur and professional photographers definitely know when I drop the name Henry’s. Aside from their branch in Hidalgo Quiapo, you can also visit the one in Glorietta Makati. With a wide range of cameras and the like, you’ll sure to see and get the perfect cam for your next getaway!

In terms of apparel for your next travel or for just a casual walk in the park, Crocs and Authority Hoodie would be great add-ons to your usual outfit. Visit Any Crocs store to try their newest line of footwear and Authority Hoodie’s Instagram account to order your panda hoodie (they have several designs by the way).

Blogapalooza has so much to offer but due to my limited time, I wasn’t able to visit the other booths like KrispyKreme, Acer, Fukuda and a lot more. But good thing I was able to visit booths that matter to every wanderer.

One of the perks of attending Blogapalooza is being able to receive freebies and discounts coupons. But that doesn’t end there. As a blogger it is my responsibility to use this discount coupons and freebies for the benefit of my readers. Don’t worry guys, I’d write more once I’ve visited and have already tried the product or service/s the businesses offered.

For the mean time, here’s a short clip of my experience at Blogapalooza 2014!

Thanks for reading guys!

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