About BudgetedWanderer

BudgetedWanderer is a personal blog that focuses primarily – but is not limited- on the author’s experiences on his travel/s (may it be local- in the Philippines- or international getaways). The rich cultures, traditions, delicacies, and so many adventures that this world has to offer inspired the author to roam and find out what’s in store for him.

Please feel free to leave your comment/s to any of the blog entries. The author encourages feedbacks (but discourages bashings, discriminatory remarks or the likes) to help him improve his work/s for the benefit of his future entries and his future readers as well.

The author would love to visit and feature his readers’ provinces, so if you or anyone you know would like to suggest -may it be a restaurant, a locality, an event/s, or anything that you want the world to discover – locally or internationally– please feel free to leave a comment and the author would be more than willing to get in touch with you.

Thanks and happy wandering!

2 thoughts on “About BudgetedWanderer

  1. Hi. I’m Gen from vivrefort entertainment. I just want to ask your personal mail or contact number because we will refer something on your blog.

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