The Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod, A Place to Rest and Pray

“And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.” –Genesis 2:3 (NIV)

As a nation that is mostly catholic, the Philippines (filipinos) consider Sunday as the seventh day- the time to not just relax and bond with family and friends but also the time to visit the church.

Today, a friend and I decided to visit the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod at the Level 7 of SM Aura Premier at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.


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Summer Getaway to the Unspoiled Island of Cagbalete, Quezon


When talking about virgin and unspoiled beaches in the Philippines, its always those in Zambales (Anawangin or Nagsasa) and/ or Camarines Sur (Calaguas) that comes into our mind. But we always wanted to try something new…something that is very unfamiliar and not yet receiving much hype as compared to those I’ve previously mentioned. And when a friend of mine –misshappywanderer– asked me if I wanted to join her on a Holy Week getaway at Cagbalete Island, the initial thought was- ‘where the h*ll is that?!’..with all the question marks floating above my head lol…

And after 2 days (hours before the trip), I decided to join (because I first planned to spend the weekends at Baler, Aurora)..haha…
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Traveling to Mindoro, Caticlan (Boracay), Antique or Ilo-ilo from Manila by RORO (combination of overland routes and roll on/ roll off ferries)

It’s the season of Lent- most people I know will take this opportunity to go out of town to break their usual routine and as a breather from their stressful city life. The summer heat is also intolerable that’s why both local and international tourists head to beaches like Boracay to cool down.

We all know that a large part of a traveler’s budget goes to Airfare and accomodation (especially if you haven’t planned ahead of time and most seat sales are already gone). As a budgeted wanderer, we definitely know how to have fun without spending a lot. If you dont mind spending about 15 hours (from Manila to Caticlan) to more or less 22 hours (to Ilo-ilo) inside a bus then this mode of getting to Panay (Aklan, Boracay, Antique, Capiz and Iloilo) is definitely for you.

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WD My Cloud Binondo Photo Walk and Food Tour


Last Saturday, I was invited to join a photo walk and food tour in Binondo. This event was sponsored by WD as they are promoting their newest product the WD My Cloud where you can store pictures, documents, and any other files and have access to it by using any of your gadgets (laptop, desktop, ipad and mobile).

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Santo Nino De Paz Chapel, Greenbelt: Sacred oasis within the buzzling concrete jungle of Makati

Photo 1-26-14, 12 12 53 PM

This one chapel that is really close to my heart. Since this is the most accesible to me and it’s just 1 jeepney ride away from where I live, this chapel also became my comfort zone during the times that I really need His divine comfort and guidance.
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MASA: One of the best Public Swimming Pool in the Metro

It’s been a while since my last blog entry. Blame it to my new year’s resolution guys! haha…although not publishing entries in my blog wasn’t part of my resolutions, but going back to being physically active kept me from writing (ok, i know that’s not really a valid reason…but what’s more important is that i’m back! hehe..)

One of the activities that kept me busy during the past weeks and for sure the coming weeks as well is swimming.

I fell in love with this sport when I was still in college and I used to swim in my school’s swimming pool (Emilio Aguinaldo College). But now I found another place to enjoy this sport, that is the Makati Aqua Sports Arena or “MASA”.

MASA is considered to be one of the best public swimming pool in metro manila. To be honest, write ups and good comments about this facility are all true!
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Circus Varga’s Magikaria Silver Tickets Giveaway!

UPDATE: Contest is over. BudgetedWanderer would like to congratulate Ms. Betti Villarin (@bettibot) for winning the two (2) SILVER Tickets to Circus Vargas’ Magikaria!

To Ms. Betti, kindly wait for an email or a DM on twitter on how to claim your tickets!

To everyone who joined this contest, thank you so much for all the follows, shares, tweets, posts and all your efforts. If only I have plenty of tickets, I could’ve given all of you. But don’t worry, Circus Vargas’ Magikaria is still ongoing until the 1st of January so you guys still have time to buy your tickets and be able to have a happier holidays!

Hope you guys would continue to support BudgetedWanderer, PRC Inc. and of course Circus Vargas!

To PRC Inc. thank you so much! All the best!

Happy wandering everyone!

and Oh! before I forgot, I wish each and everyone a happy and safe new year! To 2014 and beyond! Cheers everyone!
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Insights on Cafe Scientifique: Why Should Pinoys bother with Science?


It’s been a bit overdue, but finally I would be able to post and share to you guys my insight on Cafe Scientifique’s “Why Pinoys should bother about science?”

This forum is actually part of Andres Bonifacio’s 150th Anniversary celebration. If you were in Bonifacio Global City last November 30, for sure you have noticed different events going on within the area or you probably even have attended one of the events. There are fun runs, cosmo’s hug a hunk, last day of Da Vinci exhibit, and many more.

Cafe Scientifique is one of the highlighted events (at least for the Mind Museum visitors) during that day. It’s a worldwide movement that started in Europe about 10 years ago but only recently here in the Philippines (before the mind museum was built). It’s not actually a presentation but an open discussion (audience participation is encouraged) about different scientific events/ issues. This time, the forum focused on supertyphoon Yolanda and it’s aftermath.
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CIRCUS VARGAS: “Magikaria” Official Press Release



Circus Vargas brings “MagiKaria!” to Manila
The magic of Christmas will be even more captivating – and jaw-dropping – with the arrival in Manila of the internationally acclaimed Circus Vargas troupe, one of the world’s biggest traveling circuses.

Showcasing gravity-defying flights, flashy costumes, fun dance routines, and other deliriously delightful antics, Circus Vargas will be bringing to the country its most exciting production dubbed as “MagiKaria, A Fantastical Magical Experience.”

This amazing production will feature the astonishing athleticism, physical beauty and acrobatic prowess of the men, women and children of the circus, promising to deliver the same immense joy and excitement already experienced by millions of people worldwide.

Circus Vargas promises to bring back the old school circus entertainment mixed with modern twists. There’s the fabulous fluidity of the aerial ballet that uses streams of chiffon material hanging from the ceiling. There’s also Zorro Low Wire who leaps and flips over various obstacles in his way, and other acrobats doing some fun trampoline style tricks.

Equally mesmerizing is the upbeat juggling styles of Michael Ferreri, a 4th generation performer who started at 13 years old, together with the death-defying cannon jumper Leo Garcia. Then there’s the thrilling trio of motorcycle riders doing their dangerous stunts inside the round metal cage called the Thunder Globe.

Charismatic illusionist Patrick Gable will also perform his mystifying illusions that are guaranteed to impress, astound, and make everyone in the whole family a believer of MagiKaria.

This extravaganza of magical proportions will be held at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City from December 25 to January 1, 2014.

Tickets are now available at SM Tickets, SM Cinema, and Snack Time outlets. For inquiries, call Tropical Productions, Inc. at 519-8984, email, or visit

Circus Vargas Magikaria Poster TPI

* * *


PRC Inc.

PRC Inc.

A Day in the Museum: The Mind Museum!

Have you been to a “typical” museum?

For sure, even once in your life (especially during educational tours), you’ve seen specimens inside glass jars, paintings of well-known artists, and different exhibits in one of the museums in the metro.

But have you heard of The Mind Museum?

*Image from The Mind Museum Website

*Image from The Mind Museum Website

So much has been said about this museum. And if you’re going to google it up, a lot of bloggers/ web content writers have already featured it in their respective websites. Most of which, if not all, are praises for this one-of-a-kind-world-class-science-museum-in-the-Philippines.
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